5 Things To Consider When Fencing In A Restaurant Patio

Dining al fresco is an attractive option for your patrons, especially in the warm months when the sun is shining. More and more municipalities are allowing restaurants to claim part of the sidewalk for an outdoor dining patio, but to do so successfully does mean fencing it in to help separate it from the passing foot traffic. Here are a few things that impact your fencing choice.  1. Ongoing Maintenance  Read More 

What Are The Major Benefits Of A Vinyl Fence Installation?

Vinyl fencing has become increasingly popular among homeowners due to its durability, cost effectiveness, and aesthetic appeal. Installing a vinyl fence can provide numerous advantages for homeowners that are looking for an attractive, secure, and low-maintenance option for their property. This article will discuss the three main advantages of installing a vinyl fence on your property. Durability One of the greatest advantages of putting in a vinyl fence is its extreme durability and long-lasting nature. Read More