Traditional Wood Vs. PVC Fencing: Which Is Best?

Two popular options homeowners often pick between when building a fence are wood and PVC. They are two materials that work great for residential fencing because of their various strengths. That's why it will help to know more about the various ways that these two fencing materials are different so you can then make an informed selection. 


PVC fencing is going to be much more durable than wood fencing. You will find that PVC can withstand harsh weather, and you do not have to worry about the material rotting. PVC is also capable of withstanding more damage from high winds and some impact damage. Meanwhile, wood fencing does rot and can break over the years with individual pickets becoming damaged and needing replacement.


A PVC fence is relatively maintenance free. There is not much that you have to do to keep the material looking great, aside from washing the surface if it becomes dirty. Wood is a bit trickier to maintain since you'll need to sand it before applying a new coat of stain or paint. It's a very time-consuming process but necessary to keep water out. 


One area where a wood fence wins out is the ability to customize the fence. PVC fences will always look the same from the day you buy the material since you can't stain or paint the material. PVC fences also come in panels that are already created, giving you very little customization. Meanwhile, it's possible to build an entire wood fence on site and create it exactly how you want it to look and customize portions to fit the exact shape of your yard. 


A wood fence is going to be more affordable than a PVC fence when you look at the initial installation cost. However, PVC fencing may be cheaper when you look at the cost of the material's lifetime. Without the need to maintain PVC, you save money by not buying paint or stain. This can really add up over the years as well. Even if you decide not to paint or stain a wood fence, you could end up needing premature replacement.


Both fencing materials are great at providing your yard with privacy. If you want a solid panel fence, you really can't go wrong with either PVC or wood.

Reach out to a fencing contractor in your area for more information about PVC fencing installation