Wood And Fiberglass Fences

Adding a fence to your yard is a great way to add a more cohesive feel to your property. Even a small picket fence in your front yard is going to frame your house, make your yard more usable, and add a little bit of security to it. Of course, most people choose wood when it comes to picket fences, but there are actually a lot of other materials that can be used. This article actually looks at the most important differences between fiberglass and wood fences.

Wooden Fencing

Wood is very common when it comes to fencing, and it had obviously been around for much longer than fiberglass. It is a natural product that remains popular in all sorts of construction because of its natural style. Basically, most fencing products, no matter what they are made out of, have wooden textures. So, it might make more sense to many people to just buy actual wood.

Of course, the biggest factor with owning wood is the increased maintenance. Everybody would choose wood because it is affordable, natural, and stylish if it weren't for the extra maintenance required. Basically, if a wooden fence is not kept up with a waterproof seal, it is only going to last 10 to 20 years. Having to reapply a stain or paint finish is annoying to some people. This is why many people just choose a fiberglass product that has a fake wood texture.

Fiberglass Fencing

Besides being low maintenance, fiberglass is also desirable because it is modular. This makes it a top choice for DIYers. That is, the pieces are specifically built to be attached to each other without any fasteners or glue. Basically, the posts have pre-cut notches that allow you to easily hang the slats. This makes the process much easier and involves much less cutting with saws.

In fact, you hardly need any sort of power tools. Some people don't like fiberglass because it has a slightly shiny finish. They also might not like the fact that it is much harder to repaint fiberglass after it is installed.

In the end, there are significant differences between wood and fiberglass fences. However, they are similarly priced, although wood is going to cost a little more to keep up in the long run. So, it really comes down to which how much maintenance you are willing to put up with and what style you prefer. 

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