The Perks Of Custom Wood Decks

Many builders are now using composite materials for the construction of decks and patios. It is an alternative to wood decking that is becoming more popular because it requires much less maintenance. However, it is far more expensive than wood, so it is not for everyone. In fact, there are many great reasons why you should still consider real wood for your decking. This article explains why wood is still a practical, stylish, and cost-effective material for exterior decks.

Wood is Durable

Manufactures of composite decking will like how their products are so low maintenance. Admittedly, wood will need more maintenance than most composite products over its lifetime. However, natural wood is still a very durable and reliable material. Some people also like the way that wood ages. As it fades, the wood grains gain unique character and color. Many composite decking products even come with an antique wood finish to try and mimic this look, but these never look as good as the real thing.

Wood Can Be Customized

Perhaps the best argument for installing real wood decks is the fact that they can be customized in so many great ways. That is, real wood can be painted, stained, oiled, and finished in any conceivable way. When you combine this with all the great species of wood that can be used for decking, the style options are truly unlimited. Composite decking, on the other hand, comes in a very limited range of styles and colors. You cannot really paint or stain composite decks because they have a laminated finish. However, you can repaint and restain a real wood deck several times over its lifetime. This means you have a lot of flexibility if you frequently like to change exterior style and color schemes of your home.

Wood is Affordable

Would is much more affordable than composite decking. The lumber costs a fraction of similar composite products. The actual installation cost for both products should be identical though. Some people argue that maintenance cost of wooden decks makes up for the inflated initial cost of composite products. But this is not really true, especially if you refinish your decks on your own. In reality, you won't need to refinish your decks more than once every decade. And if you do the work yourself, the cost will be minimal. It will probably won't cost much to refinish a deck if you were doing the work yourself.

Wood is obviously still a great option for any type of exterior patio or deck. For more information and options for custom wood decks, contact contracting companies, such as Houston Deck and Shade LLC.