Long & Steep Driveways: 4 Ideal Options For Electric Gate Installations

Living up on a hill has a lot of advantages, but you may also come into many problems when dealing with the driveway. If you're looking to add some security and protection to a long and steep driveway, then you can do that with an electric gate installation. When hiring a fence contractor for an electric gate installation, there are many options to choose from. Understanding what options cater best to long hilly driveways will help you make the best decisions and ensure that your gate works the best to its ability. Browse through the following four electric gate features and learn about each advantage. Understanding the different elements can also help you when consulting with fence contractors.

Solar Powered Gates

Electric gates need some type of power source to operate correctly. In the past, these gates used to wire directly to the home's electricity system. Instead of digging up the ground or running cables all the way to your home, you can get a source of power directly at the gate installation location. The gate can be connected to a solar powered battery that supplies power 24 hours a day. When the sun is shining, the battery collects and stores power. That power is long enough to last until the next sunrise and provides electric gate opening any time you need it. The installation of a solar-powered electric gate can also help cut down on energy costs and reduce the installation impact that the gate has on your property.

Sliding Gates

When placed on or near a high angle, it can be hard for a gate to open inward or outward properly. Instead of risking damage to the gate, you can select a gate installation that slides open. This means that the gate will slide into its own frame instead of swinging in a specific direction. Sliding gates may also help reduce the time it takes to get in and out of the gate. Since the gate is not swinging, vehicles can pull up closer to the gate and get inside once there is enough clearance to pull through. Sliding gate designs can often be purchased in the same styles and designs as a typical gate. This allows you to select a design that matches your landscaping and style.

Gate Video Monitor Systems

When living in a home with a long driveway, it may be hard to decipher who is waiting at the end of the driveway. You can easily recognize the pizza guy from your great Aunt Bertha by having a gate video monitor system installed. Typically placed on a large pillar next to the gate, these video monitor systems allow you to see cars that approach the gate and let them in using an opener. Some of the more advanced monitor systems feature night vision, intercoms, and multiple lenses for different viewing angles. This is a great way to increase the security of the gate without having to travel down to the end of your driveway over and over again.

Drainage Areas

Thanks to a little thing called gravity, whatever sits at the top of your driveway usually comes rolling down. When this involves precipitation, it can mean that a lot of water, mud, and gunk piles up at the bottom of your gate. Instead of creating large puddles of water or potential flooding issues that impact the gate, contractors can work on installing a proper drainage system. This type of system will help drain out water and keep the gate area dry. This can help prevent the shorting of electric systems and ensure that the gate operates properly through all types of weather.

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