Create A Safe And Convenient Yard For Your Dog-Friendly Vacation Rental

With more than 43 million households in the United States owning at least one dog, it's wise to make your vacation rental pet-friendly for guests. Not only will your pet-friendly vacation rental reach a larger pool of travelers, but you can expect to bring in upwards of 30 percent more in profits for the rental compared to those that don't allow animal occupancy. In addition to protecting your rental property from unnecessary damage by creating a set of solid rules for pet-owning guests to abide by, it's a good idea to create a safe and convenient yard on the property that is designed specifically for dog use.

This should reduce the amount of time pets spend inside the rental home and give dog owners some peace of mind in knowing that their pet is safe while they're enjoying their vacation time indoors or when out exploring. Here's how to create an attractive and enjoyable dog yard that keeps your home, as well as your neighbors, safe when animals visit with their owners:    

Install Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is an excellent option to use as a barrier for your dog yard as it's affordable, versatile, and durable. This type of fencing is non-toxic for humans and dogs, and it comes in a variety of colors to allow for a look that complements that rest of your property. Because it's almost five times as strong as wood fencing and it can't be chewed or gnawed through, you can rely on it to effectively contain dogs of almost any size.

You'll find that vinyl fencing is super easy to take care of as it doesn't require much maintenance and it holds up well to extreme weather, which should minimize both repair and maintenance costs as time goes on. What's more is that there is never a need to paint or prime the fencing, even after several years of use. Click here for more info.

Designate a Corner for Composting and Garbage

To make sure that the dog yard stays clean and nice, and to make cleanup easy on dog owners, designate a corner of the yard to composting and garbage. Place two garbage cans in the corner, but drill a handful of holes along the bottom of one so it can hold compost while allowing excessive liquid to drain. Put some mulch at the bottom of the compost can and a bucket of fresh mulch next to it. Label the can with holes as compost and the other can as garbage, and include a poop picker-upper as well as a pair of garden gloves in the setup.

Your guests can put dog poop in the compost can and broken toys, as well as other debris, in the other can on a daily basis during their visit so things are nice and tidy when they check out. This will reduce the amount of time your cleaning crew has to spend working on the yard between guests, as well as minimize the spread of disease from one visiting dog to another. The compost can be used to feed the foliage in the dog yard too!

Include Some Pet-Friendly Foliage

Every dog yard needs some foliage for shade, fun, and comfort. It's important to make sure that no poisonous plants – such as oleander, pieris, and sweet pea – are located inside the dog yard, and that animal-friendly options are planted in their place. There are plenty of beautiful options to consider implementing that provide color and depth without any risk to the health of animals. Consider one or more of the following:

  • Echinecea
  • Sunflower
  • California Lilac
  • Poached Egg Plant

To limit your liability for pet injuries and illnesses, it's important to require a health certificate for each dog that will be visiting your rental with their owner. The certificate should indicate that the dog is caught up on all of their vaccinations and that their overall health is in good shape.