Four Great Uses For Ficus Panels

If you love the look of fresh, healthy greenery but hate the work involved in keeping plants thriving, you should consider using artificial ficus panels. They look and feel realistic, complement any household decor, can be used outdoors, are easily cleaned, and can be used for a variety of purposes. Following are four great ways to use ficus panels.

Build a Green Fence Around Your Property

Using ficus panels instead of traditional fencing provides a green, classic look without the fuss and expense of trying to maintain a living green fence around your property. With water costs soaring in many parts of the country, it doesn't make much sense to try to keep a living green fence going when you can save significant sums on utilities by using ficus panels instead. Also, by installing ficus panels as fencing, you won't have to wait for them to grow like you would if you used live plants -- and some types of green fences can take years to reach the right size. Ficus panels can't be destroyed by sudden hailstorms or heavy snowfall, and they look green and fresh all year round. You won't have to trim them, fertilize them, or provide them with protection against insect pests.

Build a Bower in Your Bathroom

Who doesn't dream of a lush, serene oasis located right in their own home where they can escape and rejuvenate? You can create this environment in your own bathroom by using ficus panels to make your walls look as if they are covered with vibrant, green plants. Many people dream of having plants in their bathrooms, but most bathrooms don't get enough natural light to allow plants to thrive. Imagine luxuriating in scented water by candlelight in a bathroom that resembles a glade in a tropical oasis or a secluded bower deep in the forest. Covering at least one wall with ficus panels also provides the added bonus of partially insulating your bathroom from the sounds of the rest of your household.

Build an Enchanted Forest in Your Child's Room

Children love enchanted forests and bedrooms decorated with magical themes, so why not use some ficus paneling to help craft the bedroom of your child's dreams? Cover one or more walls with greenery and paint the sun, moon, and stars on the ceiling. To complete the enchanted forest motif, choose bedding featuring forest creatures and cover whatever walls aren't filled with greenery with wallpaper depicting waterfalls, mountains, or mystical castles -- anything your child's heart desires.

Build a Transitional Space in Your Foyer

If you've got lush landscaping around your front door, a ficus panel on one of the walls in your foyer or entryway will ease the transition between the outside of your home and the interior, as well as provide accent and definition. Many home entryways are bland areas that may even be stark -- a wall full of greenery, soft lighting, and perhaps a piece of art on one of the walls will create a welcoming feeling that will impress visitors and that you'll love coming home to. Placing a small indoor fountain on a table will create the effect of a sparkling mountain stream, and if you have room, a small seating area will allow you, other household residents, and guests to enjoy the serenity and beauty of your foyer.

Plenty of other options exist for decorating indoors or outdoors with ficus panels. For instance, if you like the look of foliage growing up home exteriors, installing ficus panels instead of planting ivy will save the paint on your home from being destroyed by ivy's gripping aerial roots. Keep in mind that if you grow tired of a certain decor scheme involving ficus panels, you can simply take them down and use them in another part of the home. For more information, contact a local fencing company like Green Smart Decor