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3 Excellent Reasons To Install Residential Fencing

If you live in a residential area, there are several great reasons why you should consider installing a residential fence. This article is going to discuss 3 of these reasons in more detail.  Home Security  Another great reason to have a residential fence installed, is for home security. If you have a fence installed around your home, this is going to greatly decrease someone's ability to get to your home and break into it. Read More 

Long & Steep Driveways: 4 Ideal Options For Electric Gate Installations

Living up on a hill has a lot of advantages, but you may also come into many problems when dealing with the driveway. If you're looking to add some security and protection to a long and steep driveway, then you can do that with an electric gate installation. When hiring a fence contractor for an electric gate installation, there are many options to choose from. Understanding what options cater best to long hilly driveways will help you make the best decisions and ensure that your gate works the best to its ability. Read More 

Create A Safe And Convenient Yard For Your Dog-Friendly Vacation Rental

With more than 43 million households in the United States owning at least one dog, it's wise to make your vacation rental pet-friendly for guests. Not only will your pet-friendly vacation rental reach a larger pool of travelers, but you can expect to bring in upwards of 30 percent more in profits for the rental compared to those that don't allow animal occupancy. In addition to protecting your rental property from unnecessary damage by creating a set of solid rules for pet-owning guests to abide by, it's a good idea to create a safe and convenient yard on the property that is designed specifically for dog use. Read More 

DIY Tips For Maintaining Your Aluminum Fence

From enclosing a backyard for children and pets to increasing your home's value and privacy, it is easy to see the benefits of a fence. Unfortunately, the various materials available for your fence can be overwhelming. Wood, chain-link, and even vinyl are all great options, but each offers varying pros and cons. Thankfully, the ornamental style of an aluminum fence offers an attractive, durable option that does not block the views out from your backyard. Read More 

Cypress Wood Fencing: A Great Option When You’re In The Southeast

If you live in the southeastern US and are looking for a fence, it might pay to consider departing from the cedar wood that is so commonly used in fencing. You're lucky enough to live in an area where another highly durable wood -- cypress -- is common and affordable. Since this wood grows locally in your area, you can likely find it at rock-bottom prices, and by no means does that indicate that it won't perform well as fencing. Read More