Dog Fencing 101: Top Design Ideas For Your Furry Friend

The main idea behind installing a dog fence in your home is to ensure your pet isn't in any danger of the outdoors. It's crucial that your dog remains enclosed within the security of your yard. Dog fencing strategies revolve around two options. You can either choose to go with the traditional dog fence or an underground one. 

When it comes to the traditional fences, your primary concern is height. These fences are mostly made out of metal or wood. In such a case, you have to put your dog's height into consideration to help you determine the right size of your dog fencing. Here are some dog fencing options to help you ensure the security of your pet. 

Aluminum Dog Fence

Most dogs are quite crafty when it comes to looking for ways to escape from your yard. It's just how they're built. Depending on their size and general outlook, your dog could either choose to jump over the fence or burrow under it. They'll keep at it until they find a way out. 

You don't want your dog running around in the street or getting lost wandering out in the open. An aluminum fence is one way to make sure that doesn't happen. Big dogs are also relatively healthy, which is why an aluminum fence is ideal not only for height but also strength as well. Your dog won't be able to bite or break through such a sturdy fence. 

Chain Link and Wired Dog Fence

This fence is among the most affordable dog fencing options out there. It's also relatively easy to set up but comes at a cost of lower privacy and security. With this fence, your pet will easily interact with everything on the other side of the fence since they can see clearly through it. 

Chain link fences don't demand any maintenance work compared to the different types of fences. All you have to do is mount some posts and run a roll of chain link over them surrounding the perimeter of your yard. 

Solid Wood Fencing

This fence is ideal if you have one of those noisy dogs who will bark if they see anything nearby. Wooden dog fencing works to completely block out your dog's view such that they cannot see anyone passing by. 

The height is often higher than the dog's standing length so that even if they try to stand over the fence, they will still see nothing on the other side. Solid wood is also of great benefit owing to its stability, especially if you have a dog that likes jumping. 

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