Your Chain-Link Fence Is Rusted–What Can You Do About It?

Mesh fences are necessary when you have a pool or want to keep large dogs confined to your backyard. In addition, the material is cheap and easy to maintain. The only challenge you might have later on is rust. Note that a rusted fence is an eyesore and presents countless safety issues for your family. So, if you have noticed brown patches creeping up on your barrier, consider fixing them immediately. Here are a few solutions to the problem. 

Clean the Rust With the Right Chemicals

Cleaning is the first step in dealing with rust on your fence. So, if the material isn't too damaged, you can clean and restore it. To start, get a rust remover from the local hardware store. If you cannot find one, make one using vinegar and lemon juice. Note that the rust will dissolve and come off faster when you let the solution sit on the fence sit for a few hours after soaking it. You can also use a wire brush and steel wool to remove the stubborn stains. Sometimes, a pressure washer might help remove the stubborn rust, as long as the pressure doesn't weaken the fence posts.

Consider Repainting the Fence

Once you have cleaned off the existing coat of rust, you should consider repainting the surface. In this case, paint is an excellent restorative measure because it covers the previously corroded parts and becomes a barrier between them and the environment. Therefore, it will beautify the yard and ensure that the rust does not cause more damage to the fence material.

Get the Fence Galvanized

Fences corrode because they contain metallic bits that oxidize when exposed to the air. As such, you can prevent this oxidation process from hurting yours by getting the material galvanized. In this case, the galvanization process involves adding a material that will eliminate the oxidation process. You can also get your fence coated with vinyl, which acts as a barrier against environmental damage. Additionally, vinyl-coated chain mesh is available in more than one color if you want to blend it with the rest of the yard.

Buy a New Fence

You should consider replacing the fence if the damage is more than what you can repair or restore. Given this, you should choose a rust-resistant chain link for a longer-lasting barrier around your property.

Discuss these options with a fence contractor if you notice rust damage on your material. They understand maintenance and restoration and will offer the ideal guidance to fix the problem. If the fence is beyond repair, they will help you replace it.

Contact a local fence contractor to learn more.