Should You Install Your Own Fence?

If you're looking for relatively affordable ways to add some style to your home exterior, you should consider adding a fence to your front yard. Even a short fence in your front yard can frame your property and add a new style component to it. Fences are affordable and simple. Furthermore, the project is even cheaper if you are able to install your own fence. This article explains the process of fence installation. It is meant to help you decide whether you can install your own fence or if you should leave the job to professional contractors.

Modular Designs Make Installation More Manageable

Most modern fences have a modular design. That is, you don't need to manually build your fence and cut all the pieces. Even wooden fences don't consist of just raw lumber. That is, they have precut and notched slats and rails that can be easily attached to each other. In fact, many modular fences enable you to attach the slats and rails to each other without any tools.

Installing the Posts

Basically, the hardest part of installing a fence will be installing the posts. Fence post installation is a little technical, and the labor is physical, especially when you have to dig in soil. The difficulty of digging the holes for your posts depends on a number of factors. First of all, it depends on how deep your holes need to be. Second, it depends on how dense and difficult it is to dig through your soil. Usually, a fence that is 4' tall will require a 2' deep hole. It is a good idea if your hole is about half as deep as the fences tall. So, if you think you need to dig ten or twelve holes in your soil, the project is going to be very tiring. Obviously, it is hard to predict how difficult it is to dig through the soil until you try to do it.

No matter what fence material you choose, you will need to cut the fence post to the right size. Vinyl and fiberglass are easy to cut using traditional wood saws. They are just as easy to cut as wood. The job will definitely require a miter saw. If you don't own one, you can easily rent one and set it up on a portable table. Some fencing products, like fiberglass, are going to be lighter than wood, making the job a little easier. For more information about commercial chain link fencing, contact a local fencing business.