Could A PVC Fence Cut Down On Vacant Property Worries?

Coming home every day from work to a beautiful-looking home can make even the most troubling day at work end on a high note. The sight of a wooden picket fence absolutely brings positive images to mind. With a vacation home, driving up to the front of the property should also be visually appealing. Wooden picket fences might not be all that appropriate for a vacation property that is left vacant for several weeks at a time, though. Chain link fences might not be a great choice either. Vacation homes and other properties left frequently unattended may benefit from PVC fencing. The owner of the property might benefit as well, considering that a number of problems may be removed from the equation with PVC fencing.

Bad Weather and Worse Problems

"When it rains it pours" can refer to figurative and literal problems with a wooden or chain link fence. Excessive or even normal rain on a vacant property could create some troubles:

  • Rust and Risks

Preventing damage to a fence is possible when keeping a careful eye on things. A property owner who is 200 miles away for eight weeks at a time may not be able to lend his/her attention as needed. So, when rain hits a chain link fence, the fence might end up becoming rusted. A combination of neglect and the hazardous weather could lead to rusty, jagged protrusions present on the fence. Someone cut on the fence could end up with an infection.

  • Wood and Warping

Wooden fences look great -- until they don't. Excess rain can lead to warping when proper care is not performed. Vacant properties are prone to lack of consistent care. Warped wood is, essentially, very weak wood. In a severe storm, the weakened wood could come loose, creating gaps. Gaps, in turn, create security breaches. Trespassers, stray and unwanted animals, and other intruders often find easy entry hard to pass up.

  • Danger and Debris

Weakened wood and chain link fencing can come loose. Now, problems with debris around the property arise. Debris on the sidewalk creates slip-and-fall hazards for people walking. Going with PVC may eliminate some of these problems.

The Lament of Homeowner's Claims

In cutting down wood and chain link issues, installing a PVC fence might end up cutting down on homeowner's insurance claims. A PVC link fence won't automatically eliminate all problems with 100% efficiency, but slight decreases in the odds of a problem are better than no decrease.